Click EASY or HARD to start playing.


  • Use the MOUSE to place and remove road tiles on the screen to create safe paths for your cars. You can drag with the mouse to place more than one tile at a time.
  • Press ESC to open up the menu



  • Avoid the flaming rocks that appear from targets
  • The more tiles you place, the faster the cars move
  • The longer you last, the faster the cars spawn (and move)
  • In hard mode, cars that collide will both be destroyed
  • There is no win condition, just play until you're bored

Made for the Weekly Game Jam #96 with the theme "Traffic Jam".

If you encounter any bugs or have any feedback please let me know, I would really appreciate it. Cheers!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tags2D, pixel, Short, simul


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I like the idea, taken further this could be a pretty fun game. I had a bug where cars sometimes got stuck sitting on top of rocks.

Nice work!

Interesting concept. Programming the car pathing must have taken forever haha. 

I like how much this keeps you on your toes! Maybe having right click be road deletion would be helpful too, because I misclicked a few times and accidentally deleted a few cars, giving me a disappointed face, haha.

Really neat concept. Really hard to juggle everything going on at once, especially as the cars start going faster. Having the targets show where the rocks were going to land definitely made things easier, though that wasn't clear right off the start.

I couldn't tell what the percentage represented.

It'd be nice to either have the tombstones & rocks disappear after a while, or to have the map expand as you play so that you don't run out of room eventually (I didn't play for that long, but it definitely seems possible).

Awesome to see this from the discord and then onto here! Good job!